Monday, 19 May 2008

Hello from the U.S

Yes, Im here at last. Stayed with my friend Scott and his wife over the weekend, and now writing this post from the office in Glenview, Illinois.

Had a nice relaxing couple of days with Scott, played two days of golf, (Saturday & Sunday), had some excellent food (cooked by his lovely wife), and its made the transition into U.S life for this week an easy one.

Had a brief chat to the wife this morning and found out she's bought a new car! I mean, come on, I can't leave the country for five minutes...!

I'll try and post more on my U.S experience this week... today I've got quite a bit of work to get through, we're going to a golf shop at lunchtime (cheap gear!) and playing golf again after work today. Have a good Monday / Tuesday (time difference...)


greeny said...

So this is when you post some photos for us to oo and ah over?....

Otter said...

welcome to the other side of the so-called pond. hope you enjoy your stay :)