Thursday, 8 May 2008

The day will drag

... as I am playing golf after work today and the weather is fabulous, so if I want something to go quick, it never does.

Not much goin' on last night. I retrieved the garden furniture from storage in the garage and set it up on the patio, and had a very pleasant evening sat in the garden with some ice cold Magners (great summer drink) and then a couple of glasses of chilled rose. Its what the summer is for, isn't it (and this is only Spring!)

If I can think of anything to engage our interest I will post later...

Soundtrack of the day: "The Music Of Grand Theft Auto IV" by Various Artists.
Other soundtracks of the day: All the Prodigy albums on random... head-boppin' foot-tappin' desk-dancin' blasts from the past.


Anonymous said...

Seems to be a common summer practice, obscene ammounts of rose were consumed in worcesteshire last night

greeny said...

I live for spring and summer for just that activity, whether it's morning coffee or evening libations, or anything in between- it's just the best!