Friday, 9 May 2008

Not much to say today

Golf was OK. Had a falling out with my normal playing partner (too long winded to go into right now) and I don't know if we'll be playing together again. Shame.

Apart from that, it was nice being out in the glorious weather on a golf course.

Not much happened that night, house to myself (with the dog) so drank too much wine and watched Hot Fuzz again (good film).

This weekend: Football tomorrow morning with Jake, then he has a golf lesson in the afternoon. Then, it's my mother's birthday party... I won't give her age away, but its a big one, so we're having a few drinks at their house. Sunday, maybe golf range with Jake and the father, depending on how much I have to drink Saturday night! We're having the wife's mother down today until Monday, so she can babysit on Saturday night, which is really kind of her.

Anyway, have a good weekend, more posting maybe over the weekend, maybe Monday.

(Oh, I didn't get the chance to see my best man's new daughter yesterday, Im going tonight after work, I'll update you all later). Peace.

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greeny said...

Have an exceptional weekend! Party on, Garth!