Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I had a bad night's sleep last night... I think I woke up about 7 times, the first being around 01.45. I wish I could control myself more. It's as though something inside me needs to know the time, so wakes myself up to check the clock. It's like I'm going to be late for something (work, I guess) so I have to make sure I'm not even though my alarm is set for the right time and never fails to wake me up. I've thought about trying one of those herbal sleeping pills, to see if that takes me through the night, but I wouldn't want to get stuck on them. It's very frustrating as today I now look and feel like a person who sleeps on the streets... I feel like sh*t and need a shave so look like a bum.

No golf this afternoon after all, I'll be going tomorrow instead. Also, I'll be visiting my best man and his new daughter tomorrow evening, so that'll be nice... (must get something cute for them).

Not much more to report today, so have a nice Wednesday and I'll maybe post more later if something takes my fancy. Ciao.

Update: Another new album bought today - "Music For An Accelerated Culture" by Hadouken... review later in the week

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greeny said...

Huh, I just had a night like that comlete with dreams and anxiety when I woke each time. I know it's hormones in my case but I couldn't say what yours sounds like. Are you hormonal, Simon?
Sorry you feel like crap. It's very hard to have a mildly decent day when you've had no sleep unless it's after a night of hide the sausage.