Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Day two

So we didn't play golf yesterday - we got to the course, but the league season has started, so the first tee time available wasn't until 17.55 or some nonsense, so we ended up going onto the range for half an hour or so. I then went back to the hotel to have a couple of beers in the bar and something to eat while watching baseball on the bar's TV. (My, didn't I feel American?)

Tonight I think we're going out to dinner with the CIO, and then it'll be back to the hotel again for maybe another couple of cold ones.

I still manage to get new music where ever I am in the world - a new album called "Angles" by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. Yes, I know NONE of you will have heard of it (apart from Mr. NP - he knows the score) but its a very very good album.

Anyway, about to pop out to lunch (Im gonna walk into the local town to have a look see... yes walk, I dont need to drive everywhere like most of the people in this office!) and then back to the grind. Peace.


greeny said...

So who won and what'd ya have to eat?

greeny said...

No shopping?!

Anonymous said...

How do you like the track The beat that my heart skipped, I cant stop playing it at the moment

Simon said...

Anonymous - the whole album is brilliant, its on constant rotation on my MP3 player at the moment, but yes, The Beat That My Heart Skipped is one of the strongest tracks, as is Look For The Woman.

Otter said...

Sounds like you're having a nice time in the US :) I haven't hear much of that album, but a friend of mine played some for me a couple weeks ago and it's quite fantastic!