Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Not much to say today, feeling too lethargic to do much of anything. Had a nice dinner with Jake last night, just the two of us shared a mini BBQ of burgers, ribs and steak... a real meat feast.

I've been drinking too much wine recently, but can't be @rsed to stop.

Playing golf tomorrow after work (the last time before my U.S trip)

VERY quiet on the work front (again) so Im reading Charlie Brooker's column on the Guardian newspaper web site. Link here.

Another mood of feeling very flat has come over me, so apologies to any regular readers (if I still have any).

Update: The more I read of Charlie Brooker's columns, the more he sounds like me (or I sound like him). It's quite spooky. Its perked me up a little knowing that I'm not the only one out there like me. Read a couple, you'll see the similarity of his column to my postings... but there is no plagiarism going on, I promise. Although I might borrow some of his ideas...

Soundtrack of the day: "Grinderman" by Grinderman.


Russ said...
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Russ said...

Yes, you old fool, you still have regular readers!!

Maybe your flat feeling is a delayed reaction to the City match at the weekend. At least your team hasn't thrown away an 8 point lead at the top of their division and then let 2 players with the combined age of about 80 score against you at home in the play-offs.

Think you need some humour therapy - I find that watching "You've Been Framed" works wonders!!!!

Simon said...

Thank you dear boy, for re-assuring me that someone is still out there!
The match at the weekend... Geez, where to begin? The whole season could be blown away in that one match.. with Dunne sent off, we could now lose our place in the UEFA Cup through the fair play league. And to make it even worse, the place goes to Fulham. I HATE Fulham.