Sunday, 22 June 2008

Well done Number One son

Jake played his first competive games for his new club today, Ruislip Rangers, in a tournament in Yeading.
They played 5 group games, and won all 5, so went through to the Quarter finals. They one their Quarter final game on penalties (Jake scored his). They won their Semi-final on penalties (Jake scored his again) and then to the final... where they won on penalties! (Jake, again, got his.) He also scored 4 goals from open play, one (as described by the wife... I had to stay home to baby sit the dog, he wasn't allowed at the place where the tournament was) was a beautiful volley from a cross to the edge of the box. Wish I could have seen it.
Anyway, a successful weekend for Jake with his new club. It sounds like he impressed his new manager which is what I wanted him to do.

Yes, a new post by me. First of all, I didn't post my last one so I would get lots of comments along the lines of those I have received. Thank you to all those who had expressed their interest in me keeping this going, but believe me it was not a "tell me Im great, validate me" kind of post. I have, and am still having, a hard times of things of late, and finding the motivation for this has become a struggle. However, depending on how each week goes I will endevour to post a bit more. So for those who did comment, and for those who didn't but still want to read about me and my life, thank you for your support.


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