Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This must be a middle age thing

OK, so 35 isn't really middle aged, but I'm not going to turn into a dribbling, incontinent pile of skin and bones, so when I get to 70, I'm taking a long walk off a short pier. So effectively I am middle aged.
Anyway, to the point of this post. It becomes quite distressing when your body doesn't do, or behave, the way it used to, or the way you want it to. No, I'm not talking about erectile dysfunction. I'm getting more aches and pains, my body can't digest and metabolize food as well as it used to (so yes, I'm turning into a fat bastard), things stop working the way they used to (eyesight, brain, joints, muscles)...
Geez, it's depressing. I tried the 'no alcohol' thing for a while, and lasted quite well... actually, no, I was crap, I lasted two weeks. So that is no doubt contributing to my weight gain and my 'feeling-like-shit' experiences first thing in the morning. I don't exercise nearly enough (although I'm trying to rectify that) but then I don't have the motivation to push myself because of other 'issues'. I know I didn't feel like this, or worry about things like this, when I was 10 years younger. So it must be an age thing.
Oh, and I don't like salads so that form of dieting is out.

Sorry, this post has turned into a bit of a random train of thoughts...

I wish I could do more of a 'grow old gracefully' thing and just accept my body shape / mass / condition, and adjust my lifestyle accordingly, but there's still this annoying spark of pride inside me that makes me think "No, come on, you have to get yourself looking and feeling better"...
but that's as far as the spark goes because when I ask it "So what do I do?" (Yes, I talk to myself, what of it?) it doesn't come back with an answer.

So here's the plan - I'm turning to the great unwashed masses (well, 5) that are my readers. Suggestions of a diet please, and suggestions of things that can improve my condition. Bare in mind I have a family, and I work, so these things have to fit in around my lifestyle. Oh, and I don't like salads or hardly any vegetables. Now you see how tough it is!

Soundtrack of the day: Nothing yet, I fancy going to buy something new from the record store.
Book I'm reading: Slash (of G 'n' R fame) 's auto biography. He is one of my guitar heroes.


Update: Soundtrack(s) of the day ended up being: "Indestructible" by Disturbed and "Songs In A & E" by Spiritualized.


Charlie Naseweis said...

OK, here's the G-Plan Diet (Copyright):

1. When you're pouring chips onto the baking tray prior to cooking, don't pour so many out, or put a few back in the packet, you fat b&stard (joke).

2. Cut takeaways down to one a week max - but don't cut them out totally - after all, a little bit of what you fancy......

3. Hide vegetables in casseroles & other tasty dishes like spag bol, chilli con carne - you still get your "5 a day", and it doesn't take more than 40 mins to prepare/cook.

4. Stir fries are usually a great way of cooking food quickly, and again usually quite healthy as the veg you use in them tend to be more interesting & erotic, erm I mean exotic.

5. Buy a bike & cycle to work two days a week - also saves on petrol money.

Simon said...

1 - I dont have chips that often smart arse
2 - We only usually have take aways about twice a month, so doing quite good there
3 - I eat casserole, and spag bol. already - but its pure vegetable dishes or salads that are better for you, but unfortunately, I just can't stomach them.
4 - stir fries ARE good, and something I've neglected.. I need to get back to eating them again.
5 - I would love to do that, but no showers at work, so I dont wanna become "that smelly bloke in the corner"...

BUT - thank you for contributing. (Where's your next blog update, by the way)

nw said...

Ok, I have been on many diets over the years, and I know that I am by no means trim myself at the moment, but I would suggest trying Weight Watchers, I know it sounds like a girly thing to do, but bloke's do really well on it.

I know that there is a cost involved in following Weight Watchers, so if your like me and dont like to spend money un-necessarily, I used to go to the first meeting to get all the books and not go back. Who wants to pay £5.00 a week, just to get weighed.
Instead, I just brought myself a decent set of digital scales and weighed myself every week whether I had a bad week or not.

This does mean that you have to be strict on yourself to make sure you follow it. And it can be a pain to begin with, calculating the value of points for all the foods that you eat, but seriously, I think it is the most effective diet ever....

Or you could try drinking loads and not eating at all, I've done that too and lost weight, although its not very healthy and I wouldn't recommend

greeny said...

Who the heck ever allows themselves to grow old gracefully? I don't know anybody that doesn't scratch and claw for every bit of youth left. It's human. And I am there right now, buddy.
As for diet and exercise- that's what it takes-for some more than others. Cutting down on portions and making sure you are up and moving every chance you get. Planning excercise you enjoy is important because you won't stick with something that is BS. I have gardening, walking(with music)and biking. None of those are considered work, therefore its easy to keep it up.
The food/drink are problems unto themselves. I've definitely cut down on drinking and eating and try to plan some good stuff to eat just for myself. I enjoy my salads and veggies though.

WATER- NO SODA even diet most of the time.

I think you should just begin what you know you can handle and integrate it into your lifestyle so it doesn't seem so big a change, too.
And thank god for your annoying spark of pride. Go with it.

Otter said...

1. it would seem the healthiest "just go with veggies" idea is out. I dunno if you're a snacker or not, but some healthy-ish non veggie items are pretzles, jerky, dried fruit (tastes like candy most of the time!) and nuts. Oh, and if you like them, hard-boiled eggs. They're full of protein and will leave you feeling full much longer than any sort of white flour snack you can think of.

2. Water. Water. And you guessed it...water. Cutting out soda is ideal, but difficult, so maybe just cutting back. Also, there is a massive amount of sugar in fruit juice, so it's best to drink that sparingly as well. I read an article awhile back saying that many people feel that they are hungry when they are actually thirsty, every time you think you feel hungry, have a glass of water, if in five or ten minutes you don't feel better, eat something. Drinking a big glass of water before every meal will not only promote you to eat less, but it helps in digestion as well.

3. Our bodies are not designed to digest a large amount of food at one time, it's better to eat small meals throughout the day than three big meals. Also don't eat less then three hours before going to bed because your body won't digest the food as well and you won't get all the nutrients.

4. If you use a cart when golfing...try going without. Yes, it takes longer and in some cases the course is busy and you need to get through, but if you have the time try walking from one hole to the next. Even a little added exercise is good. (also, if you have the choice between stairs and an elevator at any point, take the stairs)

5. Sleep. Sleep is very important for all daily functions, obviously, but not getting enough can actually hinder weight loss.

Good luck!

Now...if only I could follow all these myself :/

Simon said...

I'm touched by all the advice i've received on this, thank you!
Otter - all your advice is very sound... I do normally walk on the golf course though, it's not like the U.S when the golf cart is part of the price and so usually the norm. I enjoy the walk personally.
I hadn't thought about the "thirsty / hungry" thing before, I will certainly give it a go. As for sleep.. well, those who have read this blog for a while now know Im not the best sleeper.. :-( But thanks again for the comments.