Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Where's everybody gone

How can I log on to the websites I normally check each morning, and not find anything new or interesting? I went to the normal sports sites I go to, news sites, blogs, etc. and saw nothing of any interest. Do you know what that means? It means I have to start work now. You've let me down, world.

So, here's a message to some of the people who read this blog but don't comment OR write their own blog. Blogging is easy. I know recently I kinda lost the will to carry on doing it, but I'm working on that and trying hard to keep going. So those people who don't blog (you know who you are) and those who don't update their blogs enough (Mr. GP - Mr. RB) sort it out. Give me something interesting to read in the morning, otherwise I'll be getting into the office at 7.00 and starting work... you don't want that, do you? I know a lot of my readers have loads to say - some of them can't shut up! They are interesting, fabulous people who the world would love to know about. So come on, get it together.

On another note, my new driver turned up yesterday - its very nice, I can't wait to get out on the course to try it out, but wouldn't you know, the weather for this week is shit. Wet, miserable... English summer my spotty arse. And, countdown to stag weekend - leaving in four days. I need to but some speedos today to wear under my set suit... now won't I look good in those. N O T !

Update: I found this website on reddit - MadCowTouristInfo
The author is quite, quite insane. Its not very well presented, and the article the link points to is very long, but when you get some time, take a look at some of it. She is a complete nut case.
For example - she says she has been courted by Prince William, believes she was poisoned at Heathrow Airport... she's mad. Here's just one quote from the site:
"I am also including my cat, Meetzy, who received the awe and respect of Hollywood producers after he was quoted in my script. He was very conversational and spoke two words: "oou" ("hi"), and "row-ou" (hel-lo)." Madder than a bucket of hammers!

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Charlie Naseweis said...

Work firewall won't allow me to update my blog (although strangely I can still comment on here).

I have a number of topics that will get my musings soon, but to be fair it was never my intention to post daily.

Anyway, get back to work, you work-shy skiver!!