Monday, 7 July 2008

Runner up

Jake's team played in another tournament yesterday, were unbeaten all the way to the final where they lost 2 - 1. It's a shame, and the manager of the winning team actually said to Jake's manager that he thought the best of the tournament lost in the final, but there you go. Jake scored a hat-trick in one game, and a couple in another, and although that was all he did setup a lot of goals for his team mates, which was good.

The dog ate my phone again. (I know, it sounds like a name of an album, or a book or something... "The dog ate my phone"... but no, not the case unfortunately). I left it somewhere he could reach it on Saturday morning and when I got back from training with Jake, it was on the floor in the lounge looking very sorry for itself with big teeth marks in it. So I was without a mobile until Sunday evening when my new handset turned up. It felt weird knowing I couldn't be contacted on my mobile... but strangely liberating as well.

No plans this week really, but on Friday after work I leave for my mates stag do down in Cornwall... could get messy. Have a good Monday.

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