Friday, 25 July 2008

So now the complaints will start

... and me first. It's too f*ckin' hot! I know, I know, its a typical English attitude, nes pa?
But its horrid when it's like this, you can't sleep, you can't concentrate at work, and you can't get into your rubber incontinence pants without heavily applied talcum powder.

Still, according to reports, it's gonna rain soon, so it should be a little cooler at night.

I played the best round of golf I've ever played yesterday... I was 1 over through the front nine... (for those who don't know golf that much, that is a good score, believe me). Unfortunately I collapsed a bit on the back nine, but still finished with a score of 79, which is the first time I've broken 80. So I was buzzin on the way home from the course last night.

No plans tonight (I'm not going to that leaving do I mentioned...) and I think it'll be a day of housework and cleaning and shopping tomorrow, as Sunday the family are off away to the in-laws for a few days.

I have been practicing a new song which I am really enjoying playing, so I might be recording that this week.. (yes, I'll post it up for your enjoyme.... your punishment).

In the words of a 90's rapper - Peace Out Y'all....

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