Thursday, 7 August 2008

Two days left


A more sensible dinner last night - just a pizza from a place called California Pizza Kitchen. It was only a small one, and with no desert, I went back to the hotel NOT feeling like Mr. Creosote from the Monty Python film "Meaning Of Life".

Some exciting news yesterday afternoon - the three of us U.K guys and our 'host' have been given free tickets to.... a Chicago Bears NFL game! It's their first pre-season game against the Kansas City Chiefs, playing at Soldier Field in Chicago. So, we leave work at around 17.00 today, get the train downtown to Chicago, and then go see the might Bears play. Should be good. I used to follow NFL a lot when it used to be shown on channel four years ago, so I know the rules, the tactics etc. but I've never been to a live game, and though it's 'just' a pre-season game it still should be a good evening out.

I'll try and take some pics of the game while Im there for posting later.


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Drink a beer for me...