Friday, 15 August 2008

The poor dog

I would like all the men who read this to bow their heads and take a moment to sympathise with our dog - he's having his knackers lop'd off today.

Yes, poor Shadow is being neutered. There's nothing wrong with him, or his cojones, but to help him be a calmer dog, and to avoid any future problems with prostrate or testicular cancer, we've decided to get it done... (well, I say we but of course as a man I would never choose to do this. The wife has chosen, as it's her dog really, but I'm supporting her and her decision).

He goes to the vet's this morning, and we will pick him up later this afternoon. I can't lie, I'm worried and a little upset that he's going to go through it. I can't help picturing him afterwards with a look in his eye that says "what the FUCK just happened?! I trusted you!" But in a few days (or a couple of weeks) he won't remember and he'll be a lot happier and healthier in the long run. *sniff*

Not much else going on apart from that... playing golf after work, (yes, I know, so I won't see Shadow until later), no plans tomorrow apart from some gardening (I need to cut back a load of vines that have grown up round my back gate) and then on Sunday the mighty City get their premier league campaign started with an away game to Aston Villa. (They played last night actually, and lost 1 - 0... oh that familiar sinking feeling...mighty my arse...).

Have a great Friday all.

Soundtrack of the day: R A N D O M B U T T O N on MP3 player...

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greeny said...

All you can do is not take him or pick him up from the vet's and maybe he won't blame YOU.