Monday, 21 April 2008


Yes that was French for Monday. Good morning children.
A quiet weekend has passed, took Jake to get his hair cut on Saturday morning, and chilled in the afternoon. Sunday morning Jake and I went to the golf range (he's slowly getting better... its good to see) and then watched THE MIGHTY CITY win 3 - 1 at home to Portsmouth. Its a good feeling when you watch your team win, isn't it? I had a couple of beers during the match and was buzzing for the rest of the evening.
This week... maybe playing football tonight (I haven't decided yet whether or not to risk my ankle) playing golf tomorrow after work, Wednesday no plans really.. (I think I have to babysit, think the other half is going out) Thursday, possibly football but again I haven't decided about my ankle (I'm even considering retiring to save any further golf-threatening injuries). Then its Friday and payday and the weekend...

As for the recording stuff - my fingers are healed now, so I can play some more, but its getting the opportunity now that the house isn't empty. I might be going round one of my mates houses to record him some time soon, so I could do some stuff then.

Have a good Mond... Lundi all... over 'n' out.

Update: Soundtrack of the day: "The Age Of The Understatement" by The Last Of The Shadow Puppets (The side project of Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner).


Native Minnow said...

Indeed it is a good thing to see your team win. I got to watch mine win game 1 of their first round series on Sat. Hopefully they'll keep up the good work.

Simon said...
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greeny said...

Your weekend sounds a tad better than mine!
Spending that good time with your boy-good dad.
Don't. Play. Football.
There -now it's decided.
Payday, aaahhhhhh....
We want music. We want music. We want music....