Wednesday, 16 April 2008

So far so... average?

OK, so five songs recorded so far on my new setup at home. And I suppose I'm reasonably content with the results. I know I can play better, and my voice needs a lot of work, but for the first five goes I suppose they're OK. Thank you all for those of you that have commented positively on them. I know I always argue and disagree with what you say, but deep down it is nice to hear. :-)

Anyway... maybe one or two more tonight, if my fingers can stand it! I haven't played this much in a while, so the tips of my fingers are quite sore. But we must suffer for our art, must we not?

I might try the Radiohead songs I've been playing recently... they're hard to sing well, but its worth a go I suppose. I want to make the most of the peace at home, as soon as the family come home its gonna be hard to record anything... we'll have to see what happens.

Have a good Wednesday people.

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greeny said...

Suffer you must. We, on the other hand can be delighted.