Monday, 7 April 2008

Good morning

Well its not, not really, but its the standard greeting isn't it?

I'm really struggling with this recording lark... I can't get it sounding good enough for my own ears, so there is no way I'll be putting it out there in the public domain. I think it might be a case of over-estimating my own ability. I've got tonight with an empty house so I'll try again but so far NOT so good.

A very, very quiet weekend. As I was alone, I ended up speaking to precisely no one. I didn't have one single conversation. I know, it sounds sad doesn't it, but actually, it was quite restful. I watched a load of stuff I had Sky +'d and did things like caught up on the ironing etc. I also cooked whatever I wanted for dinner (another teriyaki marinated steak last night - a beef rib-eye this time) and just generally bummed around.

Football tonight, and then at some point tomorrow the family are back. Then next week they're away again, leaving me on my own for longer this time. *sigh*

I know, I'm sounding very melancholy today... sorry. I'll try and 'perk up' later... oh, I'll be listening to that radio broadcast from last week again tonight... so I've gotta think of a good request or two to send in. Have a good Monday children.

1 comment:

greeny said...

Do you need some cardboard cutouts of your family to set up in the living room?

I TRIED to talk to you.

Take it easy and try not to let it bother you about the recording. I understand not ending up with what you want. Maybe it will come.