Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Didn't he do well?

Jake tried out for a new football team last night, and given the facts that a) he hasn't played for about 5 weeks, b) he is still getting over the stomach bug he had and c) he was the new boy and full of nerves, he did quite well. He worked hard, had a good attitude, and didn't look out of place at all. The only thing that was not 'Jake' was that during the match they had at the end he was very quiet, didn't get involved much, and missed three absolute sitters! Normally he's a goal machine in front of goal, but he wasn't sharp yesterday because of the above reasons. It was good to see him out there again though (cue full on fatherhood pride mode). The downside was it absolutely pi$$ed down for the whole session, so we both got soaked.. :-(

Today... no plans apart from organising my workload! I've suddenly got a lot of bits to do, so I need to sort out priorities etc.

I also need to get out and buy an anniversary card, as its my parents wedding anniversary tomorrow (don't ask me what year, I can't remember, I think its about 37 or 38 years).
Geez... 37/38 years together... and I tell you, (coz I was there), we went through some pretty tough times money wise, and they stayed together through all of it, when I know a lot of couples would have split up.
Its also thanks to them I've turned out the way I am - I know Im not perfect, but Im not a drunk, or a drug addict, or a criminal, and I like to think Im a fairly nice bloke. I was instilled with a good sense of right and wrong, good manners, and a good head on my shoulders thanks to them both. I don't tell them nearly enough that I love them both dearly, and that Im a very lucky man to have been brought up the way I was.

So there's a little bit of sloppy sentiment for you. Have a great day listeners.

Soundtrack of the day: "Accelerate" by R.E.M (again) I know, I know, I've said that before, but it's a great album.


Charlie Naseweis said...

Wise words mate - I could say pretty much the same things about my parents too - married in Sept 1962 (eek!)

greeny said...

Beautiful. Sounds very much like my upbringing.
So do we know if Jake is on the team or not? Or did I miss that implication?

Simon said...

Well, the season has finished, so he wouldn't be playing for them until next season anyway, he's just training with them at the moment, but hopefully when the new season comes around after summer he will be signing for them... we'll have to see.