Thursday, 3 April 2008

Another gap between postings

Sorry about that.

Tuesday I had to work from home for one reason and another. Yesterday I had the day off and went to play golf with a couple of friends in Gloucester. It was a good day, a nice day weather wise, and although I came last out of three (gggrrrrr) I still shot a score I was happy with, and I know the shots that cost me, so I can work on and improve on them so I know I can do better.

Tonight Im playing football, and then tomorrow night Im round my mate's house for another night of beer, video games and take out food.

This weekend, no plans really, except the better half is going up to Manchester for the day on Saturday, so its either gonna be just me and the dog, or Jake might be staying with me so it'll be the three of us for the day.

Sunday no plans... I dont think Im gonna go down the driving range, I could do with a break I think. We'll see....

I have a piece of work to do today and tomorrow, which is good because it means the day should go quite quickly. Oh, and I badly need a shave.

Have a good day listeners, and if I can think of anything interesting to post later, I will. Ciao ciao.

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greeny said...

Uh-oh -beer and video games on a Friday night! Make sure there is headache relief on the nightstand.

And you know what I said about the shave....