Saturday, 26 April 2008


You're all rubbish, I've only had one suggestion for a new blog title, and its from Charlie. And his suggestion is a basically a copy of his!

So... I've had a think, and the new title is...


The reasoning:

It follows the naming convetion of one of the 21st centuries greatest inventions - the iPod.
It says its about me (I, Simon... get it?)
Its short and sweet (like me.... no, not like me really, but its short)

So, you'll notice the title has now changed, but the URL (address) is the same, so your book marks (if you've book marked me) don't need to be updated.


greeny said...

I feel like a failure, like I let you down, really didn't need my help after all!(bright and smiley)
I like it, the new name. Good reasoning, to the point. I guess there could have been something "French", you know...or Italian. But this will do nicely!

Sorry 'bout the boy. When Jack has it I always start sanitizing the house so Erin and I don't get it cause that a poor way to spend any time if one can help it. And boo to him missing the football tryouts. That stinks for him.
Hope he feels better soon.

Jet Pass said...

I like the name too. I saw it in my bloglines this morning and I thought...what, who's that? Then I realized it was your blog.

iSimon reminds me of my son's new favorite show called iCarly.

Simon said...

Busted! I saw an advert on TV for iCarly, and thats what gave me the inspiration. However, the reasoning behind it holds true.

Greeny - you haven't let me down, I'm just too quick for everyone...

Hope y'all like it anyway