Friday, 28 March 2008

F$%*&@# hit counter

I've had to remove my hit counter... I got it from some free source, but you have to advertise their online degree service. This is the second one I've used and its the second one that after a set amount of time decides to morph into just a big banner ad for their service. So I've removed it. I know I was up over 4000 hits which Im really chuffed at, but now I wont know if anyone is out there...

Still, it means I have a little more screen real estate to play with. Suggestions?

Played football last night (dehydrated this morning = headache) and when I got home from football the bloody dog had eaten my mobile phone. Well, not ingested it, but gave it a right good chew to the extent I have to get a new handset delivered tonight. Its my own fault, I left it at home, and I dont normally do that, but I didnt want to leave it in the car while I played football... but still, I was not a happy bunny when I got home. (I didnt take it out on the dog though, that wouldn't be fair).

At least its Friday... very little work to do today really, but I have a couple of articles I have yet to read in my WIRED magazine, I will pop out to see if my other regular buy, Q magazine, is out yet and I might pop to the record store. So that should fill my day!


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greeny said...

That's what you get for being so wired and dependent!