Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Welcome back

Good morning children, I hope you all had a nice Easter.

I had a nice weekend, up with the in-laws relaxing. We saw my nephew and nieces on Sunday and Monday, and I played golf on Saturday, so it was a good weekend for me. I played OK, but the weather was quite difficult (VERY strong winds, snow flurries) so I only managed to shoot +19 (on a par 72 - you work it out) but I was pleased with the way I played as I managed a run of 5 pars on the back 9 and played some good golf in hard conditions. It was only the holes that were back into the wind, or very exposed that caused problems.

Anyway, now I've bored you all to tears... not much planned for this week, working from home on Thursday (as I need to do the school run in the morning and afternoon) and thats about it. Still, at least its a four-day week so its over nice and quick. Oh, my recording unit should be here this week, so maybe I can start doing some stuff if I can get a microphone.

Have a lovely day people. Peace.


greeny said...

That wind you had came directly from Southeast Missouri only it slowed down a bit by the time you received it. I swear half the soil in Dunklin County is now across the ocean after Saturday.
Nice to hear you are pleased with your game. Satisfaction.

Mom said...

I'm afraid I am missing the golf gene, but it does sound like you had a great weekend with family, rest and golf.
That wind of Greeny's blew through Maryland on it's way across the pond.
Looking forward to the music