Thursday, 20 March 2008

Last day at work before a loooong weekend

Yes, its Easter this weekend. A time for chocolate eggs and relaxing with family. (OK, I know the holiday also has religious connotations but Im not a religious person, so I apologise).

We are travelling up to see the in-laws tomorrow and coming back on Monday (so a fair bit of driving to be done) and on the Saturday Im playing golf with the guy who organised my weekend game the other week. Apart from that I can look forward to sitting around, reading, relaxing, taking the dog for walks on the beach, and probably eating and drinking too much!

No football tonight - I've been 'dropped' as I've missed a couple of weeks so have to wait my turn again. Im a bit pi$$ed off about that if Im honest, as I have always been there when I can be there, but what can you do? So tonight I think I'll treat myself to something nice for dinner and a nice bottle of wine.

Anyway, I will try and post over the weekend, but Im going to the land of no broadband so it might be difficult. Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter all.


greeny said...

Where are all your comment buddies? They seem to have abandoned you? Why is everything always left up to me?
#1 No aplogies needed. I am fairly non-religious myself.
#2 How far is it to the In-Law's? Take a good book or two.
#3 Those bastards!
#4 Sounds perfect for an "IN your FACE" response. Make sure you have merlot.
#5 No pressure.
#6 Have a nice weekend yourself.

Simon said...

Nobody likes me
Every body hates me
Im going to the garden to eat worms.

greeny said...