Thursday, 17 May 2007

Nearly the weekend

So I've submitted my online claim against Barclays to recover my bank charges.
I did receive a letter from the bank, offering me around two thirds of the total, but it came too late, and so I have filed the claim online. I have also written back to Barclays explaining that I would not accept their offer and I would be submitting my claim.
The total Im claiming of is... well, lets just say its four figures. So if things go well it'll be a nice little amount for me.
Sandwich of the day: Rosemary coated roast pork on wholemeal bread. Very nice.
Things are quiet at work again today... projects I am on are kind of on hold on in testing, so I can't interfere with the code. I have brought my own laptop in with me today, so I will be taking some time to play with Windows Vista and getting to grips more with it.
Plans for the rest of the week: Football tonight, drinkies on Friday night, FA Cup Final on Saturday, sitting on my arse on Sunday.
Oh, and I've also been pigeon killing this morning... satisfying my bloodlust!

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