Monday, 14 May 2007


This month seems to be taking ages to go. Its only the 14th today, but it feels like it should be nearly June.
The coaches didn't win our tournament yesterday. It was a fairly miserable day weatherwise, but thats no excuse. We just couldnt get going. We lost two, drew one and won one. The result didn't really matter, I just enjoy getting out and playing whenever I can because I know at my age I dont have that many decent years left in me.
Jake has Watford training again tonight, and its my turn to drive to Osterley and back. Its a crappy journey but these things we do for our offspring.
And, finally, the football season is now over. It finished yesterday, and the only things left to play out are the FA Cup Final on Saturday, and the promotion playoffs.
I have a feeling this week is going to be a quiet one because I am not exactly flush this month and there are no plans that I know of. Have a good day all.

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