Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The sun's out

The weather is very nice today - but typically, the hottest day of this week is supposed to be Thursday, when I usually play football. D'oh!
Very proud of Jake last night - he was asked to train with the age group above his at Watford last night. Only him and three others got asked to do it. I didnt go last night (it wasn't my turn) but by all accounts he acquited himself well and didnt look out of place at all. It shows he's making good progress.
I am SO bored at work at the moment. There are no projects on the go (apart from little annoying ones) and Im spending too much time at my desk trying to find work. This keeps happening here, and its one of the things that could really drive me to look elsewhere.
Not much else going on in my little world really... Barclays have 9 days left to respond to my claim online (which they probably will do) which then means they have another 14 days to submit a defence. Again, this probably will happen because it seems this is happening to most people who submit a claim against Barclays.
Oh, and I've made a mistake with my choice of mobile phone. I've gone right off it. Unfortunately though, I can't upgrade my handset without paying £200(!) OR if I want to leave my service provider and go somewhere else I have to buy my way out of my contract which is £426! Ouch. I guess Im gonna have to put up with it for a while.

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