Friday, 18 May 2007

Im bored with my car

I like my car. Its reliable, comfortable, easy to drive and has all the mod cons I need. But God is it dull. When I bought it, I wasn't fussed about what car I got as long as it was modern (I had previously driven scrap heaps on wheels) and reliable. And it is. But I miss my old cars.
I want either a late 90's Mini Cooper (Sports Pack). Or an MGB GT or MGB Roadster. The problem with these cars, of course, is that they are old and come with all the problems of older cars. Unreliable in hot / cold weather, no air-con, rust on the body work etc. etc. but at least (in my mind) they have character. And Im worried, because I keep looking at car ads on line and in magazines and getting ever so tempted to blow two or three grand on getting one anyway and keeping it as a run about. This would NOT be a good idea, but those of you who know me well know that this has never stopped me doing certain things in the past. I just hope Im strong willed enough to resist.

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