Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Where's all the money gone

Its been ages since I found any money in the street. A couple of years ago, it seemed you were always hearing stories of people finding bank notes lying on the floor. My dad, for example, once found a £50 note lying in a garage forecourt. On more than one occasion I have found £10 notes lying on the ground. But, its been ages since I, or anyone I know, has found any. People must be holding on to their money alot tighter these days.
Champions League final tonight between Liverpool and AC Milan. I suppose I should support the English side, but I have family connections in Milan so I think I'll be part of the rossoneri tonight. Im also having a couple of friends round to watch it, and we're treating ourselves to a ruby which we haven't done for a while.
Its a lovely day again today - but Im sat at my desk freezing cold, because the stupid air conditioning in this building sucks. I sit right under one of the air con. vents, and it blows out a constant breeze of cold air... my hands keep going numb its so cold.
Oh, and I watched Hot Fuzz last night... not as good as Shaun of the Dead, but still a good film, good laugh, and the bit with the church spire was very cool....
Anyway, at time of writing I have an hour and a half before I can go home for the day - have a good rest of the day all, more stuff tomorrow.

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