Friday, 4 May 2007

Half day

Only working half a day today, this weekend is Jake's football tournament in Weymouth.
For me, (as I get in so early) that means I can leave at about 11.00, which is nice.
We'll pick Jake up from school at lunchtime then its off we go.
Im hoping the weekend goes without problems... Im not too worried about the result of the tournament, as long as Jake enjoys it.
The downside is I miss the derby (City v United) because its the derby thats the one game I really want to watch- however, if the result goes as Im expecting maybe its a good thing I won't see the carnage!
I have now put a hit counter on the site. Im curious to know how many people do visit the site.
So, there will be no posts over the weekend seeing as there isn't any internet access in a caravan (!) but I'll update what I get back on how things went.
Hope everyone has a good bank holiday weekend.


Soundtrack of the day: (Well, morning anyway) "Bone" by Tim Booth.

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