Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Black Books

I watched the first series of Black Books last night. For those who dont know, its a sit-com starring Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig, based in a book shop called (funnily enough) Black Books.
I had heard of it, and I like Bill Bailey, but I'd never watched it before last night and I have to say I found it hilarious. Isn't it great when you discover something like that? I bought all three series, so now I've seen the first I have II and III to look forward to. But it got me thinking. Dylan Moran's character is rude, arrogant, usually drunk, aggresive and short tempered. There is huge comedy value in this. He is rude to his friends, very rude to his customers, doesn't seem to give a toss about selling books from his shop, and it makes great watching. So why, when I am rude, or short with people, or bad tempered, am I called horrible and nasty and grumpy? Why isn't there comedy value in what I do? The only time it seems to be funny is if Im putting someone down (i.e. someone I know and like and Im doing it in a jokey way) and I use a good witticism. Is it that tabboo kind of thing where people wish they could react in a certain way but society would frown upon it? And following on from that, am I not giving people what they want if I'm like that? It would seem not judging by the tears of our receptionist this morning when I told her she looked like a turd in a wig when she said something out of turn. (That's a joke by the way - our receptionist is lovely, and I DIDN'T say any such thing).
Anyway. Maybe I need to get on TV before my smart arse comments and faintly witty put downs are accepted as entertainment. But thats not gonna happen is it.
Finally, a personal message to GP (you know who you are) - Where's your blog??

Soundtrack of the day: "Music From Big Pink" by The Band
"New Moon" by Elliot Smith

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