Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Not much going on

I have been moaning about being quiet on the project front - and when I opened my email today I had three things that have been dropped in my lap to look at! D'oh!
So now I have lots of work and am getting stressed about delivering on time. I think I've said before, as surprising as it is, I take pride in my work and I know Im bloody good at my job. So, I always try and deliver projects on time and get stressed when things outside my control influence that in a negative way.
Anyway. Suffice to say Im gonna be plowing through work this week, which is good as it makes the day go quicker.
Events this week? My parents birthdays (11th and 12th). Dinner with my sister and parents this weekend to celebrate them getting another year older. And I think Im playing in a mini 5-a-side tournament this Sunday linked to Jake's football team. Details are still sketchy at the moment hence the confusion.
Oh, and the bloody shower at home has started shorting out and flipping the circuit breaker in the fuse box whenever we use it. ggrrrr. This means I need to find an electrician and get a quote and get it fixed and spend LOADS of money. Owning a house can suck sometimes. Oh for the days of living at home with parents in blissful ignorance only having to worry about little things like homework etc.
Soundtrack of the day: "Volta" by Bjork. (She's mental, she is. But she makes good toons).

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