Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Rediscovering the joy of buying CDs

For a long time I downloaded new albums I wanted from a certain Russian website. The reasons for this were to save money on albums I wanted, and to lower the risk of wasting money on albums I didnt know anything about. However, the site has not let me update my credit balance for quite a while (technical problems) and so I have had to resort to buying CD's again. But I forgot how pleasureable that can be. Today I bought "Baby 81" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank" by Modest Mouse (Johnny Marr's new band). I used to be a bit of a CD addict... I would spend far too much than was sensible on new albums each month, and downloading sort of saved me. But now I have no choice it feels good to be back. Actually having the CD in my hands is a good thing. (And as a side note, the case for the BRMC album is really cool. Its not like the normal CD case you get. Check it out for yourself if you get the chance).

So, obviously, Soundtrack(s) of the day are the above.

Update: A suggestion to the people who read this - and in particular the people who know me who read this: Create a blog yourself. Its easy. More people should do it. The more people who create them, the more interesting things there are to read. Spread the word. Tell more people about mine and others you have found, and create your own, and I will do the same.
Its a big, wide, horrible world out there, we need to keep each other company.

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nw said...

I myself havent paid for any music in I cant remember how long. I have a wonderful friend who shall of course remain nameless, who loads any recent music from her studio onto my laptop....Wicked....