Thursday, 3 May 2007

Happy birthday

It was a friends birthday yesterday - happy 34th Barbara.
I was at a (different) friends house last night watching the football, and again I was encouraging them to start their own blog. Both of the friends that were there told me stories that are prime blog material. Blogs dont have to be all singing all dancing sites full of philosophy and wise insights... I mean, look at some of the dull-as-ditchwater stuff I fill this site with! The point is communicating to the world at large. I will keep on hounding my friends to get on with it, and post their sites here so the whole world (or the tiny part that stops in here) can share their thoughts.
We had a discussion at work today about 'sexual fantasy fiction' and how easy / hard it is to write. I am thinking about writing a post in the style of an 'encounter' in one of those books (YOU know the ones, Mills & Boon etc. where man meets / seduces woman with all the romantic detail) to see if I could do it. If I can be @rsed of course. I'll see how I feel later. Comments would be appreciated if I post it up here.

Anyhoo, more dribblings later...

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