Saturday, 12 May 2007


Jake's team won the tournament today! His team won all four group games (1 - 0, 2 - 0, 3 - 0, 2 - 0) and then one on penalties in the semi final. Then, in the final, the last kick of the game saw J.J. Coops score the winner. Everyone of course was ecstatic, and the boys really deserved it. Now I can relax tonight at dinner with my parents and sister, and Im playing in a mini tournament tomorrow with some of the other PinnStars coaches against some of the older boys of PinnStars (U-16, U-17). Should be good fun, as long as it doesn't pi$$ down!
Anyway, a good day today so far and hopefully a good night tonight. More updates tomorrow listing my injuries and how we coaches get on!

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