Thursday, 24 May 2007

Is it just me...

...or do I get overly annoyed by customer call centres? I have been trying to get through to a customer service centre for a well known building society, but its always busy. I ring the number I've been given, to be told "sorry, we dont deal with that here, you need to call xxxxxxxxxxxx"
But, of course, when I do ring that number Im first told "Thank you for calling, all our advisors are busy, we will try and connect you" then inflicted with some crappy muzak. Then, a second message says "Your call is important to us please hold" (if my call is important then ANSWER THE F*CKIN PHONE!) followed by more crappy muzak. (You haven't heard Livin' La Vida Loca properly 'til you've heard it as though you were stood in a lift). And then nothing. Just constant hold with crappy muzak. Being on hold for 10 minutes doesn't sound like a long time - but when you're just sat there on the phone it really is... so I end up swearing loudly and hanging up.
I mean, I dont know whats happening to my call... am I in a queue? Have I been transferred to a big room with one phone and no one else in it, just ringing constantly off the hook? Am I stuck in an endless loop, bouncing around withing the circuits and cables of this building society's phone system? And of course I am at work, so I can't really spend ages trying to get through to these arseholes, which means I have to try from home in the evening taking up MORE time.
*sigh* It is just me isn't it, no one else gets wound up by these things?

Anyway - its my Friday today (working from home tomorrow) and then a long weekend.
Have a great bank holiday all, and if I can post anything interesting I will do so over the weekend.

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crazydl said...

NO! it's not just you!! been there... done that..!