Tuesday, 15 May 2007

No energy

Worked from home today. I have no energy recently, just feel very flat.
I think I need a holiday - but the thing is, when I have time off there's always things to do, so I never get to just rest and do naff all.
Im supposed to be going out for someone's leaving do on Friday night, but in all honesty I really can't be arsed. Its such a hassle going out nowdays... I'd rather just come home and relax.
Not much going on this week apart from that - maybe playing football on Thursday.
Funnily enough I did have a soundtrack of the day: The Beatles various albums today.
Oh, and I have a confession. I haven't been able to abstain from alcohol all month as I had hoped - but I HAVE cut down a great deal compared to what I was drinking. If I can keep everything in moderation I think things will be better than if I just binged all the time.
I'll update more tomorrow when hopefully I'll have more energy.

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