Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween

Yes, its the last day of October, so its Halloween. Its not a holiday I normally get too bothered about to be honest. When I was younger I went to a few organised parties (you know the sort - bobbing for apples, too much sugar and sweets, and being hyperactive for about a week afterwards) but now Im older... well, old... I dont really do anything. I dont agree with trick or treating, so Jake isn't too fond of me at the moment because I wont let him go, but unfortunately I can't stop other kids knocking at my bloody door begging for sweets. I've just been out and bought a selection of different things so if they do come knocking at least I'll have something to give them. Last year I did the same, and guess what... no one came knocking. Bastards.
Im more interested in City playing tonight - they're away to Bolton in the Carling Cup (or whatever its called now) and after the 6 - 0 drubbing on Saturday Im hoping they can prove it was just a blip.
Anyway spooks and ghouls, have a good day, and if you're partying at all tonight, have fun. Just stay the f*ck away from my door! Peace.

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greeny said...

So you are a "Bah, Humbug" sort of chap? You buy candy for the ones who come knocking on your door but won't let your son go Trick-or-Treating??? Poor boy...
Oh, well, he'll survive.
I sent my 12yearold son out with his friends and a cell phone (he wanted it that way) and my daughter went to a haunted house ina neighboring town. I am left here alone with the spooks at my door. Yippee!!!
Happy Halloween, Simon!