Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A win for Mr. Molloy!

For the first time in quite a while, something has gone right for me...
I have a Vauxhall Astra, and it has a slow puncture. I took it to the local garage here 'oop north' to get it fixed, and the spanner monkey who took a look at the car said to me "do you have the locking wheel nut tool?".
"What locking wheel nut tool?" says I.
Apparently, when I bought the car last year, it was supposed to come with a locking wheel nut tool - but it didn't. So, they couldn't remove the tire, which means I couldn't get it fixed. I phoned the garage I got the car from last week and spoke to someone who said I needed to check with my local Vauxhall dealer to see what they could do for me, and they would help with any costs etc. because they should have supplied the tool. Bit of a hassle thinks I.
Anyway - I did phone a local garage and they said all they could do is chisel the damn nuts off and then I'd have to order a new set of locking wheel nuts. Expensive. So I kind of forgot about it.
Anyway, today I thought "that's the wrong attitude, get it sorted lazy arse" so I phoned the garage I got the car from again, but this time spoke to someone who actually sounded like he knew what he was doing. He said to me "I'll go and look in our box of locking wheel nut tools, we might still have yours here"... and low and behold, they did! So now he's popping it into the post for me, and in a couple of days I'll have the tool and I can get the tire fixed. In the words of Napolean Dynamite - Sweet.
Oh, and as an aside, speaking to someone on the phone and saying "my nuts are this shape" and "I don't wanna chisel my nuts off" made me giggle.

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Phil Dawson said...

unless its the most pimped out Vauxhall Ashtray in the UK, i doubt you need wheel lock nuts mate. Buy yourself 4 normal nuts and put those 4 nuts plus the nut tool on ebay for 20 squid. all future nut problems avoided.

nuts, balls, cherries, figs, mummy daddy button, testicles testicles testicles! and relax.