Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bank Holidays are fun while they last

But all to quickly it's back to work *sigh*.
I have a little bit of work to do today, so I'm sitting here after catching up on blogs / sports pages etc. thinking "do I do the work now, and then have nothing to do later, or do I take my time getting into the work so the day is more bearable?" Decisions decisions.

So the weekend was good. Saturday was spent clearing / tidying up in preparation for my parents first visit up north. They arrived at about 11.00 on Sunday, and we spent the day relaxing before going out to dinner on Sunday night. They left Monday morning to get back home. They have never been up north before, and I think they enjoyed it. It was just a shame that the weather wasn't brilliant so we couldn't really do much out & about.

This week, there's not much going on really. I have to work from home on Thursday to look after Jake & the dog, but apart from that, it's a quiet week in store.

Oh, I just remembered! I bought one of those iPhone / iPod speaker docking station things on Monday for my iPhone. It's dead good. The sound is really impressive for the size of the unit. I can plug my iPhone in, and the remote that comes with it can control which track, volume etc. It's really good. I've been wanting something like that for a while, as in the main dining room we didn't have any way of playing tunes, but now we do. And I like it. Oh, and I got all excited because I bought a new frying pan, a new grill pan, and a new chopping board. Middle-age, here I come!

Finally, in other news, it's the last day of the football transfer window today when all deals will have to be done by 17.00. Normally I get all excited about this, because City used to wait until the last minute to get their deals done, but this year, we've spent big, and spent early, so I don't think we'll see too much activity. Still, it'll be interesting to see who else makes moved today.

Have a nice Tuesday all.

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