Friday, 25 September 2009

Pick me, pick me!

Yes, I've been picked for the squad for Wilmslow Town for the first time. I play this Sunday, away, against Mobberley Rangers. I am quite excited, I mean this is the reason why I train, but also dead nervous, not wanting to make a tit of myself or let the team down. I know it sounds silly to say, but hopefully I'll start on the bench, so there's not that pressure straight away. Eventually, I want to be first choice obviously, but to start with, I'd like to ease myself into the team. We'll see what happens.

Jake also has a game on Saturday, and maybe a game on Sunday too (depending on timing) so its a big football weekend. And it's also my better half's birthday tomorrow. She's going to be the grand old age of *cough cough*.

Finally, (more football) I'm hoping to get a ticket to see City on Monday night - they're at home to West Ham, and there might be a ticket available. Fingers crossed.

Well, that's about it for Friday. I may post more later, and will definitely post about the game on Sunday, so stay tuned. Have a good weekend listeners.


Update: Very funny image: Click here.
Update: By Merlin's Beard, look at the size of these... Unnatural!
Update: City ticket has been obtained. Sweet.

1 comment:

russ said...

Good luck in the football Si and son.
And as for your good lady wife... I cannot believe she is going to be *cough cough*, she honestly doesn't look a day over *ahem ahem*