Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Football - communication that trancends cultures

I went for my first training session with my (hopefully) new team last night. They are called Wilmslow Town, they are a vets. team (veterans, as opposed to veterinarians) and play in the Cheshire FA's Veterans league. I was nervous for a number of reasons - lack of fitness due to no exercise for Lord knows how long, lack of sharpness due to not playing for ages, meeting new people (something I'm no good at) and about not making a fool of myself!

Anyway - all day it had been a lovely day, and as soon as I got to the training pitch the heavens opened (typical) and the whole session was like it was taking place underwater. So I got a bit moist. But all in all, the session went OK, I wasn't laughed off the pitch, I was technically as good as the rest, I just need to get my fitness and sharpness back and I should fit right in. I really enjoyed it. I will be going again next week, and hopefully I'll make enough of a good impression soon to be asked to go play on match day.

The title of the post - I was struck again by how even though I had never met any of these people before, and I only learned one or two of their names, we could still all communicate and work together as a team when on the football pitch, as the language of football is all encompassing. You know where you're supposed to move, what you're supposed to do with the ball etc. etc. If I was asked to go along to a meeting or something and meet all these new men, I'd probably poo a little out of nerves - but once you're on the pitch, it all becomes natural.

In other news - a much better journey today. It only took about 1hr 15, which was nice.
Half day tomorrow as I'm playing golf. And then it's Friday. Oh, and it's number one son's first day back at school today! Wish him luck, and I'll look forward to talking to him later, to see how he got on.



Charlie Naseweis said...

Good luck Jake!

Colin said...

I second that hope all goes well.

I still remember my first day at Whiteheath.... how scary is that.