Friday, 25 September 2009

Anonymous hotel rooms? Try hotel bars

This is a guest post from someone who, because they are shy, wanted to remain anonymous. Enjoy.

You made a comment about anonymous hotel rooms, but I have to say that hotel bars are the funniest.
I have just spent the last 30 mins listening to a very amusing conversation, I think what made it funny was the female of the group not only resembled Olive from on the buses she actually spoke exactly the same
They were having a conversation about cheese, nothing wrong with that, thought I may hear the arguments for and against, roeqefort, dolcelata, or something else French or Belgium maybe, but no, cheddar. Waitrose or Liddle own brand to be precise.
Then I found out that the best cheese on toast in the south is in a café in west wycombe as they make sure the cheese is right up to the edge of the bread in order not to burn the crust,bless them.
But here lies the problem what do you do when 3 total strangers who have kept you quietly entertained decide that your opinion is valuable in their “very important debate”
Hotel bars, who needs a book or paper!


Phil Dawson said...

I like to have a few alter-ego personalities on standby for such an occasion. Come into the conversation as a burly Scot or German entrepreneur.

I once picked up a hitch hiker and told him i was a rally driver so apologies in advance if he got scared.


Simon said...

You know, I've never done that? In all the times I've stayed in a hotel on my own, I've always kept myself to myself and not pretended to be anyone else. But you've given me a great idea. The next time I need to stay overnight in a hotel on my own, I'm gonna blog about it, and you guys can give me suggestions as to what personality to adopt. That could be 'an interesting social experiment'... or an easy way to get arrested. Who knows?!