Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Good morning children

I'm in sunny Gloucester today. It was an early start (on the road at 05.45!) but that meant the journey was very painless and I was sat in McDonalds at 07.30 enjoying a big breakfast. Into the office for 08.00 and now a leisurely day learning about a couple of new applications and having an I.S meeting with the CIO (Chief Information Officer) from the U.S this afternoon.
Tonight, I'll be going out to dinner with my mate John who lives down here (see, a few weeks ago, I would have said "up here", but now I'm a northerner... but I digest) and then back in the office in this office tomorrow.

Last night Jake had another training session with Stockport Vikings, and did well again.

And an announcement - welcome to the world to Evvie May, the new daughter of my very bestest friend Mr. P. Senior. Mother, father, baby and big sister all doing well. And Happy Birthday to the father, who turns *cough cough* today! It's all go!

Have a lovely day all.

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russ said...

A colleague of mine from the hospital I worked at went to Gloucester once. He said it chucked it down all the way there and, when he was there, he stepped in some of the run-off water and it was so deep that it went up to his waist. He decided not to return ever.