Monday, 7 September 2009

A murder on our street

(Warning: This is a little upsetting)

When I say murder, I actually mean an accidental death - a neighbor's cat got knocked over and killed last night. My better half was coming back from her sisters yesterday evening, and she passed the cat lying in the road a few doors up from us. She called me (so as not to upset number one son) and said could I come outside and maybe move it out of the road. The poor thing. It was lying there, not bloody or anything, but still warm, so it'd only happened fairly recently.
So I gently picked it up and laid it on the pavement. We then had to try and find who owned it. We'd seen it before (in fact, it had had a narrow escape from our garden and our dog, who nearly caught it the other day!) but we didn't know who's it was. We knocked on one house, and said "Do you own a black cat?" and unfortunately for them it was theirs. I was of course upset for them - being told by a stranger that their cat was dead is obviously horrible - but we also worried that they thought WE had knocked it down. I mean, you could see why they would think that, couldn't you? But obviously we didn't and I hope they appreciated the fact we told them AND stopped the body being run over and mashed up. At least they could give it a decent burial. That's the problem with cats - very independent and with a 'go where I like' attitude which can often get them in trouble.
So that was a fairly low note to end the weekend on, which otherwise was quiet.
This week:
Birmingham office tomorrow (balls, bum, poo, piss) and then first training session for me with a new football team.
Birmingham office on Wednesday (hell fire & shit cakes)
Half day Thursday as I have a golf society afterNOON (idiot) tournament (really looking forward to that)
and then before we know it, it's Friday again!
Have a good Monday listeners.


purplegirl said...

That's exactly why my babies aren't allowed outside, no matter how much the meow at the window. I've lost too many animals on the road. It was very kind of you to find out whose cat it was, I'm sure they appreciated it.

Emma said...

Our dog "nearly" caught it ...... he had it in his mouth! That cat had a hell of a week. Survived the dog and the 20ft leap from the tree. I do feel glad that we didn't leave it in the road, it would have been awful if someone had properly squashed it.

russ said...

I reckon the poor moggie committed hari-kari. Either that or endure the wrath of Shadow!