Monday, 7 September 2009

Dancing in the sound of silence

There's an interesting article on the Telegraph's website about silent discos.
Go ahead and read it, I'll wait....

OK? Right. Part of me thinks this is actually a good idea - you get the buzz of being with like minded people having a good time to music, but with the benefit of being able to control your own sound track & volume (which at my age means turned down low). There is the comedy element of seeing someone dancing to something completely different to you, but hearing your own tunes, so making it seem as though they are dancing completely out of time, and you don't have to scream your lungs out to be heard if you want to chat - just lift an ear phone!

However, I, like many of my peers, spent their youths in loud and noisy discos / parties where going home at the end of the night with a buzzing in your ears normally meant it was a good night. And many of my patented chat up lines would not have worked so well if they were heard perfectly in near silence. The fact that I had to scream them, and get close to the ladies ear to make myself heard, no doubt helped in my de-flowering of many a drugged up party goer.

So I think that the youth of today (how old do I sound?!) should still go to the more traditional get togethers with loud music and base that makes your heart pound out of sync... but this new idea will certainly catch on more and more and I for one wouldn't mind trying it.



russ said...

Would people mind if you listened to podcast or an audiobook instead?

Phil Dawson said...

yeah they had this as Glastonbury 08, very very odd indeed to walk into a tent full of people suitably intoxicated/poisoned all moving and grooving in time to total silence.


great suggestion russ. simon you could listen to ricky g and be laughing your ass off instead of dancing :P