Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I enjoyed that

I went to my first game of the season at City last night and it was a good 3 - 1 win over West Ham. I do enjoy going to the games. It's a pain in the arse traffic-wise getting there and out again, but once at the game, its good. This is the sort of thing that makes me think about a season ticket next year... we'll see.

I've had a hankering for that crab pasta I made a few weeks ago - so I think I'm gonna make it again tonight. I was just trying to find the post I did on it so you can have a nice handy link to the recipe, and do you think I can find it?! Nope. The bloody search tool isn't working for some reason (ggrrr...). And I can't be arsed to search through the 571 posts I've done since 2007. Anyway, if I can find it I'll link to it here.

Apart from that... a quiet night due tonight. There's Champions League on t'telly, so if I can find a decent game I'll watch that.

Oh, and three new things ordered from Play and that should be arriving today:

The Hairy Bikers "Tour Of Britain" recipe book.
Ian Brown's new album "My Way"
Hockey's new album "Mind Chaos" (this one is for My Better Half - note the capital letters. She will now officially be known as My Better Half).

Have a nice Tuesday everyone.

OK, no-one likes a smart arse, but now you know why I've given her the capital letters - My Better Half found the recipe on my own blog for me. I feel slow. Anyway, here it is, which is what I will (hopefully) be cooking tonight. Crab Pasta Recipe


Better Half said...

Why not try an advanced search on google


I heard the new Ian Brown last night in HMV, it sounds like the Second Coming.

Simon said...

No one likes a smart arse, but thank you for that.

russ said...

There's a good website that you should use for when someone asks you for some info when it would be just as quick if not quicker for them to Google it. It's called "Let me Google That For You", see below

Try it for yourself

It's not quite as good as another "Google-themed" website tho

Try this one too


Colin said...

I'm totally lost with all this computer jargen.