Thursday, 10 September 2009


So one of my favorite bands have split up. I remember when Mr. P Senior first got me into them - he played me the vinyl version of Supersonic and we were both in awe. It was so different to anything else we'd heard before. And, a lot of their songs have very specific memories for me, for example:

Wonderwall - one of their great anthems, although played too much in too many bars so it became annoying. But, it was one of the songs of theirs I wanted to learn to play on the guitar (and did) and I remember being in a bowling alley with a few of my friends singing along in the bar at the top of my voice (Mr S. White was there, and he's the one face that stands out in that memory).

Talk Tonight - Another good anthem, and one I really love playing on the guitar.

Masterplan - Probably my better halfs favorite Oasis song

Married With Children - another guitar favorite of mine, and one that brings back memories of playing it in the kitchen of Mr. P Senior at a party and looking up and seeing loads of people all stood round watching and singing along

Live Forever - Mr P. Junior's favorite Oasis song (I think) and when I hear it I always think of him.

Whatever - Brings back memories of the one time I saw Oasis live, at the Hammersmith Palais with Mr. P. Senior.

I could go on - but I'll open it up to the floor, do any of you lot out there have any Oasis memories / favorites?


Phil Dawson said...

i like when they came to Perth and went to Rottnest (a little island off Perth) and kicked the wildlife until they were evicted.

still, i think most people are frustrated when they go there :P

Anonymous said...

Rock and Roll Star, Cigarettes and Alcohol, Half the World Away. I saw Oasis about 20-30 times in the early years. Best memories Manchester University, the place by the Hacienda (was it the Boardwalk?), Maine Road, Knebworth, Glastonbury. Even when they were third on the bill they had the biggest attitude and you just new they were going to be huge. Saw them once in London and partied with the band afterwards. Those were the days. Lost the plot with them in recent years though.

Simon said...

Anon. The better half saw them at Knebworth, and in the early days in Manchester. She says the same - low on the bill but massive attitude with the tunes to back it up.

Mr P. Senior said...

I saw them in '94 in Portsmouth, the place was so small I'm sure Liam was staring out every single person in the venue.

Miss Wills said...

She's Electric and Half a World away have to be my absolute favourites!!!

Charlie Naseweis said...

Mr P Junior here.

Too many memories to list, they were the my soundtrack to my life for a while.

1. Having a prolonged debate with you and Mr P Senior over who was best, Oasis or Blur....I think I'll concede you were right on that one.

2. I also remember the kitchen playing of Married with Children, amazing what happens when you introduce guitars into a room full of drunk friends!

3. Seeing them live for the first time at Wembley in August, just before they split. Particular highlight was Don't Look Back In Anger, but I another bit which made me laugh was during 'The Importance of Being Idle'. It had been pissing all during the gig(Great British Summer), and Noel sang "I lost my faith in the summertime...." and let the crowd sing "...cos it don't stop raining!!!"