Thursday, 27 August 2009

Evenin' all

A quiet day today. I'm working out of the office that's 10 minutes away, so it's a nice relaxing start to the day at home, easy drive here, and a quiet day working slowly away on some code.

Tonight City are on the TV in a cup competition (a potential 'nana skin) so I'll be consuming a couple of ales I think. Friday tomorrow, which is always a good thing. And then this weekend is a bank holiday (woo-hoo) with the first visit from my parents on the Sunday, which should be nice.

Apart from that, not much is going on at iSimon towers. I'm still not feeling 'settled' up north at the moment, but I think that's because we haven't really got a routine going yet. Once number one son goes back to school, I think that will help a routine form which will in turn help me settle. I still feel like I'm just visiting, but I think that will change sooner rather than later. Everyone else seems to be doing fine - number one son is having a blast, the dog is happy anywhere, and my better half is a northern lass anyway, so she's doing fine.

Oh, and a belated congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. White on the birth of their first child - a daughter. Mother, father & child are all doing well. My love to you all.


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