Wednesday, 19 August 2009

This is bliss

In the office today, there is one other person. It's heaven. It's SO quiet, I can concentrate, I'm not over hearing:

  • How the pregnancy is going
  • Complaints about office politics
  • What some loud mouthed slapper did last night
  • What such-and-such is doing at the weekend
  • Screams, shouts, and general mucking about as though the office is a school playground
  • Phones ringing off the hook

I mentioned this to my better half, and she said it sounded like hell - she likes the interaction with other office staff etc. and I must be honest, the occasional "hello" or brief chat breaks the monotony... but where I was before was just too much of an extreme. Here, its quiet, peaceful, and I can actually work without grinding my teeth and biting my lip to stop myself screaming "SHUT THE FCUK UP YOU NOISY TWUNTS!"

Anyhoo... lots of code to write today, so Soundtrack Of The Day is lots and lots of random albums on my MP3 player.

Have a lovely Wednesday people.

Update: This is genius

1 comment:

purplegirl said...

I'm with you -- having a bunch of people chattering around me drives me crazy. I can deal with noise of my choosing, like music; and I can deal with it in a restaurant work setting, but in an office? I'd never get anything done!