Monday, 24 August 2009

So how was the weekend

Yeah, good thanks. I had my first visitor up from where I used to live, we had a good curry, a couple of drinks, a late night... it was really nice.

We then went out shopping on Saturday into Manchester, where I spent too much money on stuff I don't need. But strangely, it felt good doing it. I then had the house to myself from about 15.00 on Saturday until Sunday evening. So I watched the football, watched a couple of films, did some ironing, and generally chilled. Last night, my better half and I went out to dinner at a local eatery called Damson, which was very nice. It's a proper 'adults' restaurant (i.e. no kids menu) and the food was good, the wine excellent, and the service / ambiance very nice.

This week, we get back to normality with the return of number one son and the dog. I am working out of our Birmingham office tomorrow and Wednesday (cue long drives / traffic etc.) but to accompany this time I have 3 CD's worth of Ricky Gervais's pod casts. Should be good.

And that's about it so far. I have zero work to do for the rest of the day (the last bit of code I had to write has been given over to the users to test) so I'm sat here looking forward to lunch, when at least I can sit here and read with good reason.

Have a good Monday people.

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