Friday, 7 August 2009

Hello from the North West

Sorry for the lack of posting - for those of you who have moved house, you know how stressful / disruptive / annoying / tiring it is. I've only just now got a few minutes to post an update.

The move went well. We were all packed up and out of the old house by about 14.00 Monday afternoon. I stayed with my parents, had a last drink with my closest friends on Monday evening, and then Tuesday morning myself, number one son and the dog all travelled up at about 9 o'clock.

I'm sitting here now, watching my new plasma TV (purchased today... it's very nice) with still loads of unpacking to do. We're kind of chipping away at things day by day, and it shouldn't be long before we're all sorted. We have to get it done by a week on Sunday, as we're having an 'open house' house warming with friends and relatives coming to visit.

My accent hasn't changed yet (!) and it's not likely to. A little information about the area - there's a pub with a chippy opposite (for my American readers - a fish & chip shop) about 2 minute's walk away which is nice. It's a nice, very quiet street with no thru-traffic or main road traffic (like the old house) so it's a lot quieter. The city of Stockport is a walkable distance away, so we have shops we can go to.

Tomorrow we have more unpacking to do - our target I think is to get number one son's room finished, and hopefully more of the dining / family room.

Sunday, it's the Community Shield (the new season's opening game) and then we're back into a new football season, which will be good.

I'll post more updates soon. Thanks for sticking with me.


purplegirl said...

Well at least you have a very nearby source of chips and brown sauce. Yum. :) Good luck getting all settled in!

Colin said...

Well done glad your all enjoying the new house....

Will try and catch up soon.... Maybe when Fulham Play Man City up Norf...;-0)

enjoy your new home

Anonymous said...

Think you'll find that the football season starts this weekend. The *money* season starts next weekend!!